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Welcome to the Ball Ground Elementary STEM Academy Media Center!

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Elementary School Media Specialist Mission Statement It is the mission of the Cherokee County Elementary Media Center to be a welcoming and stimulating informational center of the school, to assist students, staff, and community to become effective and ethical users of ideas, information and technologies, to support all users to be information literate, and to create an atmosphere that fosters a love of reading and develops lifelong learners, and to build partnerships through collaboration for learning.

Online Safety through Common Sense Media

At BGSA, we are committed to helping our students learn the habits and skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly in school, at home, and beyond.

Kids today may seem like experts at using technology, but the digital world requires all kinds of skills and habits that kids don’t just pick up as they go. 

Common Sense Education provides lessons to help kids in grades K–2 develop healthy media habits and learn how to be safe online. Lessons for kids in grades 3–5 continue to focus on screen time and online safety. Older kids can also learn about how to recognize cyberbullying, what is and isn’t OK to share online, and how to find credible news and information.

  • What Can Parents Do?

Common Sense Education provides resources to help you support your child’s learning.   To learn more about Common Sense Education’s tools and resources, visit

Common Sense Media provides parents and kids with ratings for movies, TV shows, books, apps, websites, and more so parents can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids.  Each media review has:

  • Reviews:  1-5 Star Rating, Common Sense Media’s Professional Reviews, Parent and Kid Reviews
  • What Parents Need to Know
  • Is It Any Good?
  • Talk To Your Kids About…
  • Educational Value
  • And More!

You can visit the Common Sense website at to start your search now!

Working together with Common Sense Education, we can prepare today’s kids to think critically and use technology in positive, creative, and powerful ways!